"In geometry, to translate a geometric figure is to move it from one place to another without rotating it. [...]
In physics and mathematics, continuous translational symmetry is the invariance of a system of equations under any translation. Discrete translational symmetry is invariant under discrete translation." (Wikipedia)
The goal of this course was to make a lamp shade inspired by a topic that we were assigned at random. The topic I drew was symmetry. I my research on this, what inspired me most was the translational symmetry of sine and cosine curves. Both the translucent inside layer and the opaque outside feature this recognisable shape.
Translational symmetry symbolised by the outer part of the lamp shade rotating on ball bearings. This can be used to set different moods and create interesting patterns on the wall.
The frame was laser cut out of 3mm MDF sheets. It consist of an inner and an outer ring, that gives structure to the inner and outer shades respectively. The outer ring rests on top of the ball bearings that are attached to the inner ring.
This project was made in a course at Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau.
See the process (in German)
July 2022

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