clever faucet | faucet with a cleaning program | 2023
This faucet uses an automatic cleaning program to encourage proper hand washing technique.
The flushing of the toilet and hand dryers spread germs all over public bathrooms. The most effective precaution is to wash your hands properly after using the bathroom. Most people don’t wash their hands for long enough, and public restrooms are often out of soap and paper towels.
So my question was:
How can I motivate the users to wash their hands long and thoroughly enough?​​​​​​​
Target Group for this product are companies with offices with shared bathrooms. They have regular, returning users, are Interested in reducing infections (sick days) and interested in saving money.

Through physical and visual experiments, the shape was determined and the UI was carefully designed to be as simple as possible, yet easily understandable.
how it works
A switch at the end of the tap lets you choose between two modes: water only or the smart cleaning programme. Both are activated by the motion sensor. The first is self-explanatory and the second guides you through the process of washing your hands: Rinse your them with water, wait for the faucet to dispense soap, rub your hands together and after 20 seconds you can wash it all off.
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