re・spice | returnable spice container | 2023
The Glassberry Award challenged the participants to design a returnable glass container for the food sector. My entry features a very simple glass for herbs or spices and a series of add-ons that turn the container into a shaker or grinder.

Collaborating with a glass manufacturer was a great opportunity to gain insight into challenges and opportunities of producing glass.

This project was awarded the McCormick Honorable Glassberry Award 2023.
return cycle
The following diagram shows the return cycle for both people who buy the spices online or at a local shop.​​​​​​​
The customer can buy extensions to turn the glass container into a shaker or grinder.
These extensions add functionality, encourage customer loyalty and protect the contents from exposure to light, thus preserving the flavours. To be able to distinguish between them, they come in a variety of colours and the label from the glass can be transferred to the extension.
These simple sketches show two concepts for packaging.
The starter kit makes for a great gift and helps acquire new customers. The carrier helps you carry your refills.
I am very used to seeing herbs and spices in the super market that have a cheap shaker or grinder added to them that is meant to be thrown out when its empty. Very early on, I decided to find a solution to reduce this waste.
The most significant result from the research was that many herbs and spices should be stored away from direct light to preserve the flavours. That's why the add-ons cover most of the glass.
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