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is a product designer and maker with a bachelor's degree in architecture, currently doing his MA in Intermedia Design in Dessau.

MA Intermedia Design (ongoing)
BSc Architecture (2021)
Green Concept Award Nominee (2023)
McCormick Honorable Glassberry Award (2023)
Product Design Laboratory - Poolbar Generator (2022)
Mood for Wood - Poznan, Poland (2023)
Interlog - Interzum Trade Fair, Cologne (2023)
Make Yourself (Un)comfortable - Group Exhibition, Poznan, Poland (2023)
My goal as a product designer is to analyse and solve problems. I always strive to make things that actually address people’s needs. Rather than trying to create new ones. - Less fictional, more meaningful.
I'm interested in woodworking, furniture design, mechanics, cycling, bouldering, and questioning the status quo.
Sustainability, especially the cradle-to-cradle approach is ubiquitous in every stage of my process.