These two posters each go into their very own direction and are very different. But they share the main topic of plagiarism. I made them for a poster design class at UAP, Poznan.
Poster 1: Chihuahua
The image as well at the text on the poster were generated using DALL·E and ChatGPT and touches on the debate about the originality of AI-generated content.

Poster 2: Reality
This digital poster is taking an unusual approach. You can see a demo below.
Using the computer's webcam, this digital poster touches on the virtual realities that we're faced with on our computers, tablets and smartphones every day. But how much of what we see on our screens is real, and how much is just fake - a plagiarism?
The software used for this poster is called processing, an open source software for creative coding. The source code along with instructions on how to run it, can be downloaded below.
January 2023